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  • complex heterocycles
  • reference compounds
  • Inhibitors
  • high purity standards
  • metabolites
  • prodrugs
  • compound libraries
  • known and novel compounds.

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custom synthesis furan/pyridine
custom synthesis 1,3-thiazoles
custom synthesis 1,2,3,4-thiatriazoles
custom synthesis intermediates

Custom synthesis

  • Custom synthesis of Small organic molecules.
  • Requests will be answered <24h.
  • Custom synthesis for small amounts has normally a delivery time <2 weeks.
  • Route design

Is 007Chemicals offering overall custom synthesis? No, to be honest we are only specialised in a heterocycles and small molecules. As we are specialised in small organic structures and have a background in medicinal and computational chemistry we offer custom synthesis for small molecular entities/ heterocycles as building blocks, compound libraries for high-throughput screening, and bio-active inhibitors for reseach purposes.

Our field of expertise:

  • Development and production of functionalized small molecules
  • Small molecular/Heterocyclic building blocks
  • Small molecules/Heterocycles for HTS
  • Large number of fluorinated heterocycles
  • Modification on small molecules/heterocyclic rings -COOH, -NH2, -OH, -NO2, -OCH3, -F, -Cl, -Br, -I, -CF3, -CCl3
  • Modification by introducing aromatic rings, phenyl, benzyl, naphthyl, heteroaryl, etc
  • Introducing a wide range of substituents -COOH, -NH2, -OH, -NO2, -OCH3, -F, -Cl, -Br, -I, -CF3, -CCl3, etc.)

High quality heterocycles and small molecules on scales from milligrams to multi-kilograms all of which come complete with a full certificate of analysis (HPLC, MS, NMR, FTIR).

Custom synthesis mg – kg scale (2 week delivery)

Custom synthesis of small quantities are normally delivered within less than 2 weeks. Exceptions will be larger and very difficult to synthesize molecules. Need your compounds extra fast then please let us know and we will do our best to shorten the delivery time.

Normally delivered in <2 weeks


Custom synthesis kg- 100kgs scale (pilot plant)

We provide the ability to upscale your needs. Before we start with an upscaled synthesis we perform a dedicated analysis. During the process we will keep our customers up-to-date and will regularly discuss all the details. If you have any doubt about upscaling, please contact us via our quote page.

Custom synthesis Library/parallel

Library design or custom synthesis of multiple similar derivatives is one of our core activities. We are able to synthesize 100 of compounds in parallel. This process will be time saving and also be more cost effective for your company. Send us your file with derivatives and we will be on our way!

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Custom synthesis Services


All our custom services you can find below, is yours not in mentioned? No problem, just send us a request and we will evaluate our abilities to help you.

Complex Heterocycles

custom synthesis complex heterocycles

High Purity Standards


Metabolites and Impurities

Custom synthesis of Metabolites & impurities


custom synthesis prodrug compounds

Compound Libraries

custom library parallel synthesis


custom synthesis of inhibitors

Novel Compounds


Reference Standards






Common Building Blocks

custom synthesis of common building blocks

Labelled compounds

custom synthesis of labelled compounds

Polymers and Monomers

custom synthesis of polymers and monomers

Synthethic Route Development

Synthetic route design

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