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Shipping Information

Shipping conditions

Our product are shipped through a third party which is aware of the product properties. In most cases this will concern a shipping service specialized in transporting dangerous goods. 

We are all humans and time by time we also make mistakes. It will not happen very often but it could be that you recieve a damaged good and we are very sorry if so. In any case please contact us and we will do the best we can to help you.

It could be that the delivery time takes longer than normal. An example which can cause such a delay is a customs control. If you have questions regarding your delivery status of your order then please fill in the contact form below.

If stated differently (on the product page) we are aiming to deliver your order(s) within 5 business days. It can happen that a product is out of stock, when noted on the product page please inform us for the delivery times.

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