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Order Information

Normally if you purchased at 007Chemicals through registration you can find most informaition about your order at your account. Did you check-out or order withouth registering an account? That is possible, in that case you can request information about your order via the Request Order Information Form. Go to the form through clicking the last link in the menu shown below.

1 | Different ways of Ordering at 007Chemicals

1. Order through the webshop portal

You can easily order through the webshop portal through adding the needed product to your shopping cart via the add to cart button. Thereafter you can proceed to checkout registering or not registering dependent on the manner of paying. You can read more about the different payment methods and their required actions below.

2. Order via email

If you are ordering via e-mail (send to: [email protected]) then please make sure you include the next information:

  • Product name
  • SKU (specific product number)
  • Quantity
  • shipping address
  • Invoice address
  • Contact information
  • Method of payment (After pay invoice/ Direct pay)

If you are paying through after pay then please read the section below: After Pay Invoice.

3. Order via (Quick) Order form

We have two forms wherethrough you can place your order. The frist form concerns a normal ordering method and allows to order 1 product at the time. This form can be found at scrolling down this page or go directly to the single order form. Second you can quickly order multiple products through our multiple order form also found below.

4. Order Through phone

Ordering via phone is possible at our opening hours. For our phone number and opening hours please go to our contact page.

Methods of payment

  • Registering – Direct payment
  • Registering – After payment
  • Non registering – Direct payment

More information regarding After Pay and Direct Pay without Registration are given below.

1.1 | After Pay Invoice – Register

After Pay of the Invoice with a certain timeframe is only possible when your company is registered.  You can register through going to our Company registration page which can be found through the button below. If all data is completed correctly the registration will be done within 24h. Once your company is registered we will assign you an account with which you can order with after pay for all upcoming orders. Orders have to be confirmed by email to prevent abuse by crimicals.

1.2 | Direct pay – Non registering

We provide the ability of non registered purchases. We will need your shipping information nevertheless, like through all other ordering processes no personal data will be communicated to third parties before consulting you. To counteract on criminality we do not sell any illegal chemicals as stated by the legal justice department of Europe (REACH). Of course legislation laws change and therefore 007chemicals is not responsible for sending licit products (please read our terms & conditions and purchase agreement). In any case, and especially if you are not living in Europe, please check the legislation of chemicals in your country if you are unsure purchasing licit chemicals from 007Chemicals.

2 | Placing an Order

You can easily place an order via our Single Order Form shown below. Ordering multiple products? Then it would be more easy to use the Quick Ordering Form stated in the next paragraph. Once your order is placed we will contact you within 24h and send additional information when necessary.

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3 | Placing Multiple Orders

Once your order is placed we will contact you within 24h and send additional information when necessary.

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4 | Request information about a current order

If you have a registered account we first reccommend to check your account for order information. Is the information not stated there or are you not a registered user? Then please request any order information via the contact form below. We will try our best to respond wihtin 24h.

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